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The decision to construct the main stadium of the country was taken on December 23rd, 1954. The goal was to hold the palm of the Olympic championship, which was awarded to the USSR in Helsinki in 1952. The main arena was opened on July 31st, 1956. The modern Luzhniki, after all arenas, courts and sports clubs in the sport cluster are open, will be able to accommodate 200,000 guests. The new complex is designed for 5 million visitors a year.

Route points

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    Palace of Sports
    The building can accommodate 12,000 spectators. The Palace of Sports (the State Concert Hall Russia) is one of the largest concert venues in Moscow. Almost half of all the concerts of the Russian and foreign stars in the capital take place here. Every winter the Palace hosts traditional New Year performances on the ice. Spacious lobbies and lounges make it possible to organize various exhibitions and fairs.
  • 2
    Northern Sport Centre
    A training field, where different sports activities take place. The tribunes accommodate 500 people.
  • 3
    Small Sports Arena
    Can accommodate 8,500 spectators. Throughout the year, the Small Sports Arena hosts the Championships of Russia and the international Cups in hockey, figure skating, ice shows, concerts and various competitions in martial arts and dance sport. Figure skaters and hockey players train here. New Year performances for children take place here.
  • 4
    Fitness-club Multisports
    The sports-entertainment club Multisport (14,000 sq m) unites the most popular kinds of sports and entertainment.
  • 5
    Football Sports School
    Football Club Luzhniki was established in 2010. More than 200 people of all age groups attend the club school annually. The result of the school activity is the total number of graduates. It is over 1,000 players, who, upon graduation, have got an opportunity to enter Academies of professional football clubs.
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    Grand Sports Arena
    It is here, that the opening match and the final game of the World Cup will take place in 2018. Especially for Luzhniki arena 410 kg of seeds were brought from Denmark. To stand our capricious climate the natural lawn got a special underground pillow of 35 km of pipe engineering and technical systems which provide drainage, heating, irrigation. During the renovation the historic facade of the arena was preserved.
  • 7
    Observation Deck (on the roof of the Grand Sport Arena)
    Admire Vorobyovy Gory (Sparrow Hills) from the largest observation deck in Europe (11,700 m²). It is located on the perimeter of the upper level of the stadium and will be open not only during football matches but permanently. The roof is made of a material passing sun rays and is ideal for stadiums with a natural grass cover.
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    "Crystal" Ice Center
    This is a new facility in the cluster. The Ice Center is designed for training hockey players and figure skaters. There will be two skating rinks, a gym and many other places for studies and training.
  • 9
    9 workout sites are organized on the waterfront line. The biggest one is adapted for the needs of disabled people. There are 25 simulators, a triple cascade of horizontal bars, manuals and a hand bike. In the complex there is a 3 km active zone: cycling and jogging tracks, paths for roller skaters and pedestrians. Besides, along the river there are service centers with toilets, locker rooms and rental of sports equipment. In winter a skating rink will be opened on the Festival square.
  • 10
    Next to the pier, a cable car station will soon appear. Two other stations will be built in Kosygin street and Vorobyevskaya embankment. The track, 737 m long, will be launched for the World Cup 2018. It will be able to carry 1,600 people per hour (both tourists and fans of mountain skiing) - 790 m above the Moscow River for 5 minutes. There will be 35 cabs with 8 seats each (bicycles can be secured outside).
  • 11
    Aquatic complex
    The new building of the pool (still under construction) will be made in the same style as the rest of the sports facilities. The reliefs from the old building will be placed inside the new one, on the wall of the main entrance to the pool zone. There a 50-meter pool with 10 tracks, 2 pools of 25 m, as well as gyms and the sport center for children in the complex. The water area will increase three times - up to 6,000 m2.
  • 12
    Center for Rhythmic Gymnastics
    The Center for Rhythmic Gymnastics of Irina Viner-Usmanova is being created with the investor's money. The rectangular building with a wave-shaped roof, symbolizing a gymnastics ribbon houses an arena with tribunes for 4,000 seats, training facilities, choreography and fitness halls, a medical and recreation center with doping control facilities and a hotel for athletes.
  • 13
    Southern Sports Center
    Another huge training field, designed for 500 spectators.
  • 14
    Metro station Vorobyovy Gory
    The station is located on the metro bridge over the Moscow River. The first metro station built on the bridge in Russia, was opened January12, 1959. But after a few years of operation it was closed for a long reconstruction because of the technological flaws. The platform is located on the lower tier of the metro bridge. The upper tier is intended for the vehicular traffic.
  • 15
    The Olympic Committee of Russia
    Luzhnetskaya embankment, 8 - this is the address of the organization, representing Russia in the international Olympic movement. It was created in 1911 by representatives of Russian sports clubs at a meeting in St. Petersburg. Vyacheslav Sreznevsky, a scientist, a philologist and an athlete was the first Chairman of the Committee.
  • 16
    Sports hall Druzhba
    It was built for the Olympics of 1980 and resembles the shape of a starfish. During the Olympics-80 volleyball matches were held here. Now it is a universal sports hall for 3,000 spectators, different competitions and festivals.
  • 17
    Tennis Club
    Luzhniki is historically associates with this sport. The cluster continues the old traditions and provides the Muscovites with the possibility to play tennis, using the stadium vast territory infrastructure.
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