Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium, known locally as the Olimpiyskiy or Olimpiski, is a large indoor arena, located in Moscow, Russia. It was built for the 1980 Summer Olympics and, divided into two separated halls, hosted the basketball and boxing events.

The venue is so large, that up to 80,000 people can occupy its space. It has hosted the Davis Cup finals and Bandy World Championships[2]on several occasions, and is the home of the Kremlin Cup tournament. It was the world's first indoor bandy arena. When smaller indoor sports are held at the venue, such as tennisor basketball, only 1/4 of the floor space is used. Capacity at this configuration can vary between 10,000 and 16,000 people.

The arena hosted the 1999 FIBA EuroStars game[3] and the 2005 Euroleague Final Four.[4] The stadium can hold up to 16,000 people for televised events.[5]

In May 2014, the city of Moscow auctioned 65% of shares in the stadium that it previously controlled; oil company ZAO Neftegazprod won the auction, paying 4,672 billion rubles (approximately €100 million).[6]

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